Like Oxygen, water, food one more think is necessary to live healthy life and it is LAUGHTER. Yes, when you laugh, you are actually doing a favor to yourself. You get lots of benefits and your mood gets refreshed.
Here we are bringing most funny jokes ever to guaranty your laughter. You can share these jokes with anybody, anytime and these are good to start a nice discussion. One more thing that we should not take life so seriously because no one could escape live at the end
Here you go:

Late night chat..
Girl: Ok, bye, mom is shouting..
Boy: Say your dad that do it slowly..

Girl: How I was looking today..
Boy: You don't need a makeup..
Girl: then?
Boy: Plastic surgery..

Do you drink regularly or occasionally?
Me: Occasionally ut occasions come regularly..

I text my friends and said that I lost my phone, please call me..
15 people called me...
OMG.. I need smarter and clever friends...

When there is earthquake...
Do Not Panic..
1st .. Update status on Fb/Whatsapp..
2nd: after 1st step, if you get time,, come outside of home..
3rd: take a selfie with crowd and upload on social media and say... enjoying earthquake..

Never make your girlfriend CRY.
Because - Million flirty guys are waiting for wipe her tears..

Boy: I love you
Girl: I already have a boyfriend
Boy: Sell him on OLX because old has to go only then new will come..

Boy on fuel station: Please fill for USD 0.1
Salesman: wow, with that much of oil where will you go?
Boy: nowhere - we just waste our money like this..hahaha

What kinds of short do cloud wear?